This is all a bit scary…

Hello to anyone reading this. I decided to start this blog because I have found reading blogs of others has been immensely helpful in the past year or so on my journey towards sobriety. I have tried over and over and over (let’s just say hundreds of times) to inch my way towards an alcohol free lifestyle. Never would I have imagined it would be so insanely difficult to achieve. I promised myself that 2019 would be the year to stay sober for, YES, the rest of my life. I don’t quite remember when daily alcohol use took hold of me. But I can say I have had a long drinking career and much of it hasn’t been pretty. The further I’d gotten in my drinking career the uglier it got. Many times embarrassingly so. I cringe just thinking of those moments. Like the ones when you don’t remember what you said that pissed someone off, or what stupid shit (I cuss a lot, so sorry) you posted on Facebook, who you drunk called or texted. I would dread waking up each morning checking all ways I might have been offensive to others. UGH! I’m making this short because I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m gonna be honest here. I had a good start out the gates of January 2019 with 3 days sober then I knocked that back with 2 days drinking. So here I am today starting fresh towards the life I want and deserve for myself. This is it, folks! I still have so much I want to accomplish in the remaining years of the life I pray I am granted and I don’t want alcohol f***ing this up for me. I want to be a support for you who may be reading this and I guarantee you will be an extra source of support that I need, as well. Welcome. You can call me Jules.

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